Location : District Court Civil/Criminal
Register of Actions
Case No. A-13-687800-C
Crown Equity Holdings Inc, Plaintiff(s) vs. EQCO2 Inc, Defendant(s)§
Case Type:Other Civil Filing
Subtype:Other Civil Matters
Date Filed:08/30/2013
Location:Department 27
Conversion Case Number:A687800
Party Information
Lead Attorneys
DefendantBarnwell, Williams
DefendantDiscover Carbon Environmental Securities Corporation
DefendantEQCO2 Inc  Formerly Known As  Cleantech Transit Inc
PlaintiffCrown Equity Holdings IncAntony M Santos, ESQ
PlaintiffZaman and CoAntony M Santos, ESQ
Events & Orders of the Court
08/30/2013  Case Opened
08/30/2013  Complaint
Verified Derivative Complaint
Financial Information
   Plaintiff Crown Equity Holdings Inc
   Total Financial Assessment 270.00
   Total Payments and Credits 270.00
    Balance Due as of 09/05/2013 0.00
09/03/2013  Transaction Assessment   270.00
09/03/2013  Wiznet Receipt # 2013-106378-CCCLK Crown Equity Holdings Inc (270.00)
   Plaintiff Zaman and Co
   Total Financial Assessment 30.00
   Total Payments and Credits 30.00
    Balance Due as of 09/05/2013 0.00
09/03/2013  Transaction Assessment   30.00
09/03/2013  Wiznet Receipt # 2013-106379-CCCLK Zaman and Co (30.00)